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Seminar and Workshop

Panchur College has always been extremely proactive with regard to organising seminars and workshops for students in order to improve upon their overall academic experience. From time to time the college organises seminars and workshops in collaboration with other colleges, private institutions as well as career advancement institutes. While the college has been extremely successful in organising workshops, exhibitions and quizzes on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, it has also invited scholars of eminence such as Prof. Amit Dey of the Department of History, University of Calcutta (CU), to deliver lectures of immense magnitude. The college has not only organised workshops with such career advancement institutes such as ILEAD (which caters towards students desirous of pursuing careers in the government, such as in the banking sector as well as the civil services), but also private institutes such as RICE as well as other private and government institutions. Panchur College students have also been encouraged to actively participate in Mock Parliaments organised by the Government of India, as well in art, poster and debate competitions hosted by other colleges and universities from time to time. Internal seminars of various departments are also regularly held including seminars and workshops on NSS, the International Mother Language Day (Antorjatik Matri Bhasha Dibosh), etc.

A dedicated faculty is committed towards the all round development of the students through the organising of such regular workshops and seminars, because it is of common knowledge that a student requires practical knowledge from the outside world not only during the course of his/her academic years in college, but also for a bright future ahead. Further plans are in operation towards ensuring that seminars, workshops, lectures, students’ seminars, literary meets and other such intellectually illuminating programmes are regularly hosted by the college for the benefit of its students.

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